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Nature's Bounty in Chocolate: ChoccyWoccy's New Season Chocolate Bars

As the advent of a new season draws near, the dedicated chocolatiers at ChoccyWoccy embark on the creation of an exquisite array of chocolate bars, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of each season. Additionally, throughout the year, we unveil enticing Limited Edition bars, inspired by innovative recipes discovered within our factory. Subscribing to our newsletter ensures you receive timely updates on these exciting releases.

Driven by our reverence for nature and its holistic properties, we proudly introduce a selection of medicinal bars, supported by our partners at Harrogate Holistic. Featuring premium cocoa, fresh herbs, freeze-dried organic fruits, and culinary oils, our medicinal chocolate bars stand as a testament to our commitment to superior quality and health-conscious indulgence.

Our Spring 2024 chocolate bar collection is a celebration of innovation and flavor diversity, meticulously curated to delight chocolate connoisseurs worldwide. From the delightful combination of Raspberry & Cocoa Nibs to the refreshing Peppermint Crisp, each creation embodies the artistry and passion of our chocolatiers. With offerings such as Orange, Pecan Nut & Hemp Oil and Orange & Cinnamon, our range reflects a harmonious blend of seasonal inspiration and culinary expertise.

Renowned for our artisanal mastery, ChoccyWoccy infuses each chocolate bar with the quintessential spirit of the season. From the initial unwrapping to the final indulgent bite, these creations serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to enriching every season with the unparalleled joy of exquisite chocolate.

What Do We Offer For You?

Beautiful chocolates for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and all the year through..

Chocolate Bars

Delicious Artisan Bars

Easter Eggs

Amazing Easter Treats!


Delicious Fresh Cream Truffles.

truffle trees

Perfect for Weddings!


Beautiful Xmas Chocolates.

Amazing & Unique 3D Chocolate Bars!


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